Month: October 2017

The Benefits Of Boxing

Many of our clients ask what the benefits are of boxing training. Here are the top 5 benefits: 1) Great for fat burning- boxing requires you to use large muscles groups and it gets the heart rate up which makes its great for fat burning. 2) The impact of boxing done properly helps to build […]

Why we should cut the sugar

As time goes by I notice more and more every day that people are consuming more and more sugar We Britons really do eat too much sugar: 700g of the sweet stuff a week. That’s an average of 140 teaspoons per person. Eating too much sugar can make you gain weight and can also cause […]

6 benefits of exercise for your brain

Did you know that exercise, as well as increasing fitness levels and decreasing body fat percentage, it can also help and improve the way your brain functions? 6 benefits of exercise for your brain 1. It spurs brain growth 2. It boosts brain-building hormones 3. It fights depression and anxiety 4. It reduces the effects […]