Month: February 2018

How To Perform The Perfect Plank

How to do a perfect Plank… When doing the Plank some people tend to put most of their body weight on to their shoulders, therefore taking the weight off of their core meaning you either lift your hips too high in to the air or you arch your back too much causing lower back pain/injury. […]

How to measure progress…

How should you measure progress? Most people like to use the scales to track their progress, however this should not be the only method you use to measure your progress. To start with if you are training it is likely that you are going to be putting on some muscle mass and we all know […]

How To Do A Perfect Push Up

Are pushups a good workout? … This old-school move is one of the most effective exercises you can do to strengthen your upper body functionally. Pushups provide a challenging and effective workout for your chest, arms and shoulders, while your legs, back and core activate to stabilize you. Here are three variations that you can […]

Healthy Snack Recipe – Nutty Cookies

We all like a little treat every now and then and this recipe is great not only as a treat but also a yummy snack you can pack in your kid’s lunch box or your own! Nutty Cookies Ingredients: 135g Raw brazil nuts 250g 80g 175g 85g 30g 40gMakes 15 Raw almonds Coconut flakes Dried […]