Month: August 2018

Skinny Liver

Lots of clients have been interested this week in this book – Skinny Liver – that is currently sat on my desk. Recently I have been studying how diet has an effect on the liver. Did you know the liver; 1. Helps store Protein and Vitamins 2. Helps get rid of bacteria that enters the […]

How To Pick Yourself Up When Feeling Down

I’ve trained quite a few clients over the last few days who seem to be feeling a bit demotivated and even a bit down and that’s not just in the gym, it’s in life in general. Maybe it’s the change in weather or maybe it’s just down to people being a bit burnt out. Here […]

Why September Is The Best Time To Start A Workout Routine

The majority of people see January as the best time to start a new fitness plan, however did you know 66% of people quit their new year plan within one month! Any new fitness plan is hard to stick to but in my opinion January isn’t the best time to be trying to get into […]

How to Stay Healthy When Eating Out

How to Stay Healthy When Eating Out I was asked earlier today what my best tip would be to stay healthy when eating out… The average person now eats out 3 times a week, and having a blow out 3 times a week can really have an affect on your results. I think when you […]

Books You Should Read

With the current information overload on weight loss, health, and the variety of different diets how would you know where to look and what to trust? Here are 4 books I would recommend you have a look at if you would like to have more clarity on how to kick start your health journey. For […]