Month: October 2018

Do I Need To Get Fit Before Hiring A PT?

We hear this question quite often from people who are considering Personal Training, the simple answer to this is NO. No matter what your fitness levels are like, we would love to help you achieve your goals. Being unfit can be a very difficult thing for some people to escape however, going to see a […]

Why am I Not Sore After My Workouts

A question we get asked quite often at CD Fitness is “I didn’t ache after our last session does that mean I didn’t work hard enough?”. The very simple answer to this is NO, let me explain why…? Muscle soreness has nothing to do with how effective your workout was. When you first start a […]

What Does Health Mean To You?

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a few popular people on social media posting that you shouldn’t worry about eating healthy, exercising, sleeping well, etc because one day you will die anyway. Whilst I am sure they are joking, I am also sure that there are plenty of people out there who actually have […]