What’s best for fat loss? Cardio or Resistance training?

There is lots of contradicting information out there regarding what training is best for fat loss. A lot of people believe cardio is best for fat loss and even your Fitbit tells you that an hour of cardio burns more than an hour of resistance training. This is true, if you did an hour worth of cardio […]

Personal Trainer Joins CD Fitness

We are pleased to officially announce our new Personal Trainer, Dominika, who has recently joined the CD Fitness team. Dominika has been working with us on projects away from the Studio for over a year now and we are pleased she is now on board full time. She has been a successful Personal Trainer for over 3 years and her […]

Should you enter the London Marathon?

After the once again amazing London marathon I received a number of messages from clients, friends and family asking me whether they should enter the London marathon for next year. This is a question I am asked year on year so I thought I would write an article to highlight what is required for you […]

Should you use the scales to measure your results?

Using the scales to measure your results can be a good thing or a bad thing.  For some people, it provides a method of reinforcement that helps them stick to their goals; for others, it is disheartening, frustrating and demotivating. I like to use the scales with my clients (along with other methods) however if you […]

New CD Fitness website!!

Welcome to the new CD Fitness website! We hope you like the new site, please spread the word about us and our Personal Training Studio to your family and friends. Have a great Easter 🙂

Refurb at CD Fitness

Here are some of the many improvements that have been made to the CD Fitness studio:  New flooring provided by industry leaders Escape Fitness  New sound system  Fully redecorated throughout  A new squat rack upstairs installed by Bodysolid  New countdown clocks from wolverson fitness.  Refurbed treatment room for sports massage. Our Bagshot studio offers a […]

Members Incredible Progress !!

This is a client I have been bugging for a long time to give me some progress pics. He would like to remain anonymous however I think he deserves the recognition for his amazing progress so far. He has now lost over 2 1/2 stone in weight, his waist is down from 42 to 36 […]

It’s not a short term diet, It’s a long term lifestyle change.

Training and eating healthy isn’t just about getting into shape. Here are a list of other benefits from leading a healthy lifestyle:  Improved strength  Stress relief  Better sleep  More confidence  Lower blood pressure  Improved immune system  Better endurance  More flexible If you aim to improve your overall lifestyle you will see all these benefits and […]

CD Fitness Online Challenge

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