Books You Should Read

With the current information overload on weight loss, health, and the variety of different diets how would you know where to look and what to trust? Here are 4 books I would recommend you have a look at if you would like to have more clarity on how to kick start your health journey.

For all those ladies out there! Get this book as soon as you can. Rushing women syndrome goes beyond weight loss and it is exactly about what it says on the cover. Women have become too busy to stay healthy. The 21st century rush is taking a tool on our entire wellbeing from physical to mental health.

If you still believe that the only way to weight loss is a calorie restriction you need to get your hands on this gem. This book will challenge many of your beliefs and show you that food has a more important role in our life than just being a part of your diet plan. Bring the health on!

Eat less sugar. You are sweet enough already! The truth we have always wanted to know but its been kept from us for way too long. This is not a FAD diet book, this is your first step to discovering how much of a havoc sugar plays on your health… And on your waistline to of course.

All calories are not equal, full stop. Find out how and why different food affects our body in different way, and how this information can make your life easier when deciding what to put on your plate when you want more than just a slim waist.

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