Do they make us FAT? Are they to blame for weight gain?? TIME to end this MYTH…

Carbs do not make us ‘FAT’!! in fact they can be very useful for the total opposite, helping us to lose weight (body fat %). There are 3 types of CARBS


2 and 3 are the most important types. STARCH (Rice, breads, potatoes, pasta) being our main source of energy and FIBRE (vegetables, fruit, whole meal starch and beans/grains) helping our digestive system are crucial if we want our bodies to function smoothly. Both add up to little calories when consumed in moderate portions yet will make you feel full for longer. This will help maintain a calories deficit (Calorie Deficit – Consuming less calories than your body burns = one of the most important factors in losing weight!!)

Added refined sugar in my opinion is our worst enemy. We all love it, including me, yet it provides 0 nutritional value and makes our favourite foods and drinks hugely calorific. Chocolate Croissant = 300 calories compared to – Two boiled eggs, half an avocado, one slice of whole meal toast = 340 calories! What’s a better breakfast? An example of how little sugary foods fuel us up yet contain high amounts of calories.

SO, its not carbs that make you/us ‘FAT’ it’s the choices you/we make and the number of calories you/we consume that will make us gain weight!

Our bodies NEED a very balanced diet which include…
Good fats
To function correctly, fuel our every move and to help us avoid sickness

SO DON’T cut any food groups from your diet. Simply choose the healthiest options, cut down on high calorific sugary foods and keep a very close eye on your calorie intake.

Now next time you eat a Potato or a healthy portion of Pasta, ENJOY IT!!

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