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6 Reasons Why You May Not Be Getting Results

The two main reasons people usually don’t get the results they want are; 1. Not enough activity and 2. Consuming too many calories. However if you feel like you are doing everything you should be and still not getting results here are 6 things you may have overlooked. 1) Not drinking enough water – You […]


CARBS Do they make us FAT? Are they to blame for weight gain?? TIME to end this MYTH… Carbs do not make us ‘FAT’!! in fact they can be very useful for the total opposite, helping us to lose weight (body fat %). There are 3 types of CARBS SUGAR STARCH FIBRE 2 and 3 […]

How to Stay Healthy When Eating Out

How to Stay Healthy When Eating Out I was asked earlier today what my best tip would be to stay healthy when eating out… The average person now eats out 3 times a week, and having a blow out 3 times a week can really have an affect on your results. I think when you […]

How Alcohol Affects Fat Loss

When embarking on a weight loss journey, alcohol is often first on the “no-no” list. Although it is possible to drink alcohol in moderation and still lose weight, regular or excessive alcohol can significantly hinder your weight loss efforts. To start with alcohol its self is 7 calories per gram which is almost double the […]

Great Foods to Eat After You Workout

Great Foods to Eat After You’ve Worked Out The primary goal of your post-workout meal is to supply your body with the right nutrients for adequate recovery and to maximize the benefits of your workout. Eating protein after your workouts will help repair and build muscle and eating carbohydrates will help restore your energy balance. […]

Tomato and Bean Salad With Grilled Mackerel – Recipe

Tomato and Bean Salad With Lemon Grilled Mackerel Ingredients: For the salad: 400g Cannellini beans, drained 250g Cherry tomatos, halved 1 large Red onion, thinly 1 handful Basil, plus extra to serve 2 Lemons, juice 1 tbsp Red wine vinegar – Sea salt – Ground pepper For Mackerel: 1 tbsp Coconut oil 2 Spring onions, […]

Protein Pancakes – Recipe

Protein Pancakes Ingredients: 1 Banana 2 Eggs 15g Protein Powder 50g Gluten free rolled oats 1 tsp Cinnamon 1 tsp Coconut oil To serve: 1 tbsp Full fat yoghurt 5 Strawberries 1/2 tsp Poppy seeds Serves 1 Method: Place the banana, eggs, protein powder, oats and cinnamon in a blender and whizz for a few […]

Chicken, Feta and Fig Salad

Chicken, Feta and Fig Salad Ingredients: 1 Chicken breast, grilled 40g Baby spinach 20g Rocket 5g Pecan nuts 1 Fresh fig 50g Feta cheese For the dressing: 1/2 Lemon, juice 1/2 tsp Rice malt syrup 1 tbsp Olive oil Serves 1 Method: First step’s easy: slice the grilled chicken into strips and set aside. Toss […]

Chicken, Artichokes And Red Quinoa – Recipe

Marinated Chicken with Artichokes, Grilled Lemon and Red Quinoa Ingredients: 4 Chicken breast 1 Small bunch thyme, chopped 1 Small bunch rosemary, chopped 2 Lemons, cut into quarters lengthways 6 Cloves of garlic 8 Artichokes, outer leaves trimmed and peeled, cut into quarters 250g Red quinoa, cooked 200g Rocket 100g Parmesan – Extra virgin oil […]

Mushroom, Leek And Chicken Quinoa Risotto – Recipe

Mushroom, Leek and Chicken Quinoa Risotto Ingredients: 1 Leek, chopped 2 tbsp Coconut oil 3 Cloves of Garlic 2 Celery sticks 6 Asparagus spears, chopped 4 Portobello mushrooms 170g Dry Quinoa 1 tbsp Balsamic vinegar 1 Chicken stock 100g Peas 1 Lemon zest and juice 50g Grated Parmesan (optional) 2 Cooked chicken breast, chopped -Few […]