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Surrey Sports Awards 2019

Congratulations to Charlotte Jennings-Evans of Saracens Mavericks for winning the CD Fitness Young Sports Personality of the Year Award in the Surrey Heath Sports Awards 2019. It was a pleasure to present this award to you, fully deserved and we wish you all the best in the future.

Schools out for Summer!

Schools out for Summer! Every year I hear parents complain that once their kids break up for summer that their health and fitness goes out the window. You may not be able to dedicate as much time to the Gym however these simple tips should help your health and fitness survive the summer! 1. Be […]

How To Do a Deadlift

Are you doing Deadlifts Properly? Deadlifts are one of the best compound weightlifting movements you can do in the gym! They are a great way to build muscle, strength and also burn fat at the same time. However, if they are performed with the wrong technique, its quite likely you could injure yourself. For those […]

How To Perform The Perfect Plank

How to do a perfect Plank… When doing the Plank some people tend to put most of their body weight on to their shoulders, therefore taking the weight off of their core meaning you either lift your hips too high in to the air or you arch your back too much causing lower back pain/injury. […]

How to measure progress…

How should you measure progress? Most people like to use the scales to track their progress, however this should not be the only method you use to measure your progress. To start with if you are training it is likely that you are going to be putting on some muscle mass and we all know […]

How To Do A Perfect Push Up

Are pushups a good workout? … This old-school move is one of the most effective exercises you can do to strengthen your upper body functionally. Pushups provide a challenging and effective workout for your chest, arms and shoulders, while your legs, back and core activate to stabilize you. Here are three variations that you can […]

Success Always Starts With Failure

January can be a very tough month. People are full of colds, work gets extremely busy and the dark and cold mornings/evenings can massively contribute to someone’s lack of motivation. So, starting a new year’s resolution in January (probably the second hardest month to start after December) sounds crazy however according to statistics 67% of […]

10 Minute Workout

Its now 3 weeks in to the New Year! if you are struggling to find time to exercise, here is a 10 minute workout that you can do anywhere.  

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! Now is the time to kick start your health and fitness plan if you are looking to get into shape for the summer. It may seem a long way away but trust us it isn’t. Be realistic, consistent and work hard! Please do not hesitate to contact so we can […]

The Benefits Of Boxing

Many of our clients ask what the benefits are of boxing training. Here are the top 5 benefits: 1) Great for fat burning- boxing requires you to use large muscles groups and it gets the heart rate up which makes its great for fat burning. 2) The impact of boxing done properly helps to build […]