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The key to 99% of your results!

I’m going to let you in on one SIMPLE technique to reach your health & fitness goals this year. It never fails. BUT: It’s also not one of those “secrets” the slick marketers try to sell you. It doesn’t require any insider knowledge, tricks, hacks, or special gadgets. It’s so simple you might not believe me […]

Is this robbing you of results?

You know I am all about POSITIVE ACTION right? Basically, focusing on the actions that will move you toward whatever it is that you want. Well, today I am going to get a little NEGATIVE.   It’s time to take inventory of the things that are getting in your way – the hurdles between you and your […]

A surprising way to help you live longer

Weird question for you … When was the last time you got together with friends or family and had some fun?! I wanted to ask because there’s important research I was reading about that shows that social time can help you live longer. First, a little background. You know stress isn’t good for you, right? […]

2021 IS HERE!

This New Year is a special time of year. But THIS New Year really does take on a new meaning after the year we had in 2021.  Personally, I couldn’t be more excited about it – and I hope you feel the same way! It’s the perfect time to take advantage of all that “fresh […]

Do You Ever Feel Stressed?

Chances are, you’re balancing a lot; life, work, kids back to school, that grass that needs cutting, and everything in-between.  Along that path, mental health takes a backseat and we end up becoming plagued with issues like mood slumps & anxiety. There’s a reason why doctors recommend exercise as one of the leading ways to […]

Cook-along Ingredients

Kale & Spinach Curry Butternut Squash & Goats Cheese Ethiopian Lentils & Avacado Ice Cream Pan Fried Salmon & Giant Couscous Christmassy Pork Chops & Crispy Roast Potatoes Honey-soy Pork and Aubergine Butternut Squash Congee with Sirloin Beef Quinoa Salad & Tahini Glazed Salmon

7 Day Mindset Challenge

If you are reading this that means you have signed up to our 7 day mindset challenge wooo! In this article you’ll be able to find all the necessary information to get started on the challenge. First things first, what is the next 7 days going to consist of? Over the next 7 days you’ll […]