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Thank you for joining our online community. This page is all the information you will need to get up and running!

First of all we need you to download the Zoom Cloud app and make sure you have Whatsapp installed. You will be added to two Whatsapp groups.

The first Whatsapp group is for discussion, asking questions and chatting about upcoming classes and challenges. The discussion group is optional and you can leave at any time. If you’d like to remain in the group but not recieve any notifications then here is how to mute the group… Click into the group, tap the group name/title, tap mute, then select the duration of time you’d like to mute (8 hours, 1 week, 1 year).

The second is for the access links to our classes. Only group admins Chris, Dominika and Matt will be able to post into this group.

All classes (except Tuesday evening running club) will be on-the-spot and require no eqiupment with the exception of those highlighted below. The CD Fitness team will, as always, do a great job of trying to make the exercise class as suitable as possible for everyone who is attending. The aim is for you to do what you can , if you need to rest or miss a set don’t worry. We are training to be fit and healthy, we aren’t training for the Olympics. Here is our class timetable for those that aren’t familiar or for those that would like to take another look.

Highlighted in PINK = Classes that require kit you may have in your home such as dumbbells, kettlebells, weight plates etc.

The classes can be joined using Zoom cloud meetings ( We recommend you set up a free account and download the app onto the device you are using (laptop, smart TV, ipad etc) ahead of time.

We will be posting a link to you the day before/on the day of our classes into our WhatsApp group. If you have any problems please message us directly.

Once you click the link, you enter a virtual waiting room and everybody who has signed up for the online classes will be approved. Please try to sign in before the scheduled start time as it will be difficult for us to accept people in once the class has begun and you may experience delays.

We recommend that you put your camera on for the session. This is only a recommendation, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. The instructor will mute the class so you can only hear their instructions. If you have any questions during the class please use the chat option or try get our attention.

Once the class begins we recommend that you pin video so that your main view does not switch away from us during the class. (

Our weights class on Monday evening, Wednesday evening and Friday morning will need some sort of kit. This could be dumbbells, kettlebells, weight plates, or anything that can provide you with some resistance. Some people like to use bean cans, water bottles, milk bottles etc. However, we advise that unless you are capable and can easily adapt we would recommend NOT using resistance bands. The instructor will try to provide as many variations of exercises so you can adapt depending on your equipment.

For our Band Club on Monday morning you’ll need resistance bands. We advise using a set of mini resistance bands ideally with a few choices or strength. If you would like to tak epart in Dominika’s Band Club but do not know where to get resistance bands from then please contact us and we can help you out.

Our Running Club on Tuesday evening is the only session that requires you to leave your home. This can easily be done by running up and down your own street or by simply choosing a suitable (relatively flat) loop which brings you back to your house. This class is a 40 minute running interval session.

For all other classes you won’t need any equipment unless stated in class decriptions or by one of our trainers before the class starts. If a trainer does decide to use equipment/house hold objects then he/she will let you know well in advanced. We do suggest that you have a mat or something soft to put your hands, elbows or knees on and a water bottle in every class.

Some people do prefer to wear headphones during these workouts as this can help make the sound quality better. Here are some simple, easy to use Bluetooth headphones from amazon.

To purchase headphones click HERE

For some, this technology can seem a little daunting but we will be on hand to help get everyone going! And we’re happy to do a 1-1 call to talk you through it.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Best wishes

CD Fitness

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