Colin Jamieson


Before using personal training I had successfully shed a significant amount of excess weight and achieved a level of fitness that was not too bad. But I wanted to lose just a few more kilos, be fitter still and improve stamina. My energy levels were very low. I wouldn’t run fast for more than a minute or last more than 20 minutes at the gym.

Chris helped me achieve what I wanted in a number of ways. He knew when to push and encourage, and when enough was enough. A review of my eating habits over a week led to some fairly simple changes that were easy to make. My energy levels increased within days and I still follow his advice. That was the starting point I needed to enable me to do more, and Chris pointed out (very nicely) that I was perhaps taking things too easy when exercising on my own. I still use the programmes he wrote for me to combat that bad habit. My weekly training session with Chris is always changing, always challenging yet achievable, keeps my interest and continually improves my general fitness and strength.

The results? I’ve achieved everything I was aiming for and more. I get much more out of my gym membership now in terms of value, results and enjoyment. I can run or exercise hard for an hour without trouble. I lost those last few kilos while getting stronger. Having achieved my goals I still work out with Chris regularly – it keeps things fresh and enjoyable.

One final note… I recently started training with Chris at his own studio. It is well equipped. Well thought out and enables him to give me as good a workout as he could at the large, premium health club we trained in before.