Couples That Train Together Stay Together

Couples that train together stay together. This statement is often put on the internet next to a picture of an incredibly fit couple doing something acrobatic or gravity defying. Something that would be difficult for the majority of us! However, the statement does have some truth in it as training with someone else, be it a friend, partner or colleague, does have its benefits;

• Motivation from your partner. Its easy to talk yourself out of a workout or make excuses as to why you can’t work out today, but when you have someone else waiting to work out with you, or relying on you to be their partner in a sport, its harder to find an excuse. Similarly, you can give someone that little push they need to find the motivation and encourage them to stick to their training plan. Training with a partner gives you double the chance that someone will be motivated.

• Encouragement during the workout. This is about challenging yourself and pushing your partner to challenge themselves. A bit of healthy competition is good and the sense of achievement you feel when either one of you has achieved a goal will provide the extra motivation to keep working towards your goals.

• Variety. If you don’t mix up your workouts they can become boring and you can stop seeing improvements on your health and fitness as your body becomes used to the exercise you are doing. By training with a partner, it can give you the confidence to try something new or to look at different ways of working out.

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