Do You Ever Feel Stressed?

Chances are, you’re balancing a lot; life, work, kids back to school, that grass that needs cutting, and everything in-between.  Along that path, mental health takes a backseat and we end up becoming plagued with issues like mood slumps & anxiety. There’s a reason why doctors recommend exercise as one of the leading ways to promote good mental health, so here are 5 ways how fitness helps your mental health:

  1. Elevates your mood. Ever been stuck in a rut? Swarmed by negative thoughts? Exercise changes your brain chemistry and produces happy hormones that give you a feeling of bliss and energy. You’ll also interrupt negative thought patterns, so your brain can switch off and have some much-needed rest from all that negativity.
  2. Sets you up for a good day. Have you ever had a lay-in and felt lazy & awful? Now compare it to when you’ve finished your workout by 9am; it feels so much better, doesn’t it? You carry that happy mood into the rest of the day – suddenly you care less about fixing that broken washing machine.
  3. Boosts self-confidence. Ever looked in the mirror and your mind is full of criticisms and complaints? With exercise, we progress and reach our goals – you notice all those little improvements; more toned arms, tighter legs and slouch-free shoulders. Suddenly, you won’t be able to stop looking in the mirror.
  4. Exercising = better sleep = better mood. We all know what it’s like to be tired in the day and then when you finally get into bed, you’re super awake again. With exercise, you will fall asleep faster and in turn, have better sleep. You’ll be well-rested and have a great mood, ready to take on the day.
  5. Builds other feel-good habits. With consistent exercise, you’ll naturally start doing other things. You may start taking the stairs instead of the elevator, you’ll care more about your diet, & put more emphasis more about your well-being.

It is so important to make exercise a priority in your life, above are just a small percentage of the benefits you can gain from exercising on a regular basis. I urge you to ask yourself when was the last time you exercised? If it was a while ago then I would highly recommend getting out and doing something, you will not regret it.

Perhaps you need help getting into an exercise routine? Or perhaps you know someone that could do with our help? Please feel free to contact us if you need any guidance and please help us by spreading the word about what we do.

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