How To Do A Perfect Push Up

Are pushups a good workout? … This old-school move is one of the most effective exercises you can do to strengthen your upper body functionally. Pushups provide a challenging and effective workout for your chest, arms and shoulders, while your legs, back and core activate to stabilize you.

Here are three variations that you can do either as a beginner with the first variation or if your looking for a challenge try out the third variation!!

Variation No.1
Who?: Beginners
Why?: This is the easiest variation of a push up. Putting the knees on the floor allows a little more weight to be taken off of the shoulders, arms and core.

How?: Hands should be flat on the floor, placed underneath the shoulders. Knees and toes in contact with the floor. Keep your Knees, Glutes and Shoulders in line through out the movement. Slowly lower to the floor and push back up to starting position.

Variation No.2
Who?: Intermediate

Why?: This variation is the most commonly used push up. As the knees are OFF the floor it makes it harder to keep the core stable.

How?: The hands should be flat on the floor underneath the shoulders. Toes in contact with the floor. The knees, Glutes and Shoulders should stay in line through out the movement. slowly lower to the floor keeping full body control and then push up back to start position.

Variation No.3
Who?: Advanced

Why?: This variation will increase the weight on the upper body making it harder to press. It also challenges your core as you are on one leg for half of the movement.

How?: Place your hands flat on the floor underneath your shoulders. Toes should be in contact with the floor. Focus on keeping you Knees, Glutes and Shoulders in line. As you lower your self to the ground slowly lift one knee towards the elbow and then return to a normal starting position.

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