How To Improve Your Squat Mobility

One of the exercises I find that people struggle with the most is one of the most basic exercises and that is the Squat. Due to a lack of flexibility a lot of people struggle to get into a deep squat position. And if you can’t go deep you can miss out on working the hamstrings, glutes etc.

A great way to improve your squat is to hold a deep squat position and try to relax into it, so it stretches the major muscles used during a squat. This is not only good for squatting but also great for improving your flexibility and this may help to prevent a number of injuries. As you can see from the image, on the left the squat position looks very challenging to hold so trying to relax into this position may be very difficult for a lot of people. However if you try the position on the right using a light kettlebell or weight disc (5-10kg) you will see that it is much easier to hold the position and relax into it.

So next time you train why not give it a go. Warm up for 5-10 minutes, grab a weight and try the position in the right hand image for 30 seconds to 1 minute. You will find in time your squat will improve and a number of other movements will feel a lot easier, this also provides a great stretch for the muscles around the lower back.

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