Koersten Walters


My weight has yo-yoed over the years and last summer decided that the time had come to start to get fit and lose some weight. My husband Gary and I joined the gym and I was keen to make a difference and worked out regularly. It is fair to say that in 6 months, very little change for me and by Christmas, I was only 8lbs off my full term pregnancy weight!!

Clearly my efforts were not having the desired effect and decided I had to up the ante. Gary had already signed up with Chris and I felt that what was good for the goose was good for the gander, so signed up too! Also at that time I enrolled at Weight Watchers, feeling that I should approach my weight loss with all the right tools; sensible eating and regular exercise.
It became apparent very early on from my workouts with Chris that I had been going through the motions when working out on my own, but clearly hadn’t pushed myself!! For the first few weeks, I felt that I was not the appropriate candidate for personal training and that it was going to be way too much of a challenge for me.

But then I noticed some changes, my weight started to reduce and very quickly the tape measure showed encouraging results. I also realised that the exercises I had been struggling with initially were not quite so difficult, or even I had moved on from them, attempting more challenging weights and routines.

Further encouraged, I joined in with Chris’s Saturday morning boot camp and began longer distance running.

Training with Chris has made all the difference in my quest for inch and weight loss. I have been amazed at how much I am capable of, and would not have discovered this if it were not for Chris’s encouragement. He tailored each workout to my current level of capability, but stretched me that much further than I would have done for myself.

In addition to our training session, Chris has always kept in touch with me to keep tabs on my weekly weigh-in, congratulating me when things have gone well and supporting me when I have been disappointed. He has also been the voice of reason, reminding me of my long term goals when I have had the odd wobble.

These last few months has been life changing for me! My new goals include improving my fitness levels sufficiently to be able to take part in regular 10K races.

Thanks Chris, couldn’t have done it without you!!!