Making Your Fitness New Years Resolution

When it comes to making a fitness related New Years resolutions we automatically go straight for the “I’m starting a juice diet” or “i’m going to start doing this crazy workout routine at the new gym i’m going to sign up to”. We choose these resolutions because at the time we assume it will be easy. When making New Years resolutions no one factors in there busy lifestyle, work, family commitments etc so they find by the start of February/March they’ve already given up. 

When I make my New Years resolution there are always 3 main factors I take in to consideration;

1. Will I be able to fit this resolution in to my lifestyle (work, family etc). If i’m working very long hours -early to late – then going to the gym either before or after work is probably not the best resolution to set.

2. Is the resolution realistic, can it be achieved? Setting yourself big goals in such short periods of time can be very hard and even if you manage to achieve that goal, will it be sustainable? (will you be able to carry on with that training or diet plan?). Instead set yourself smaller goals in longer periods of time, then in the long term you’ll see some big changes and you’ll find it a lot easier to keep up. Make sure you are consistent with your resolution, no matter what it is.

3.  Is my resolution something I’m going to enjoy? Making your resolution something you’ll enjoy will make the whole journey a lot easier. Waking up everyday and dreading the start of the diet or training plan is NOT the way to go. Making your resolution should be something you WANT to do!

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