Matthew Lovesy


I have always been a big lump who has the flexibility of a house brick, I have played rugby for over 20 years and my weight has done the usual yo-yoing like most people. I had never really considered personal training as I thought I could do it myself.

I met Chris nearly 2 years ago and I have been having weekly sessions since then, each week there is a different session which works both the CV with running (sometimes with Chris on my back – getting rather good at piggy backing now!!) as well as rowing and muscle building with kettle bells and weights, Chris will always ask what physical ailments I have, which is usually bad knees and ankles!! Then work around them.

Each session is enjoyable (was going to say fun but I would be lying!! because the sessions hurt!!) as Chris pushes me complete the tasks where usually I would slack off or give up but with the input and motivation from Chris I can and will achieve my goals.

I completed the Great North Run in Sept 2011, in a reasonable time for me, and have continued to play rugby. My fitness and more recognisably my recovery after exercise has improved, I am always prepared to give new activities a try and will use them when training alone in preparation for the next session, then we don’t do it!?!.

Chris has also got me into spinning which at first I wasn’t keen to do but now I attend 3 sessions per week.

I have only positive views on Chris, he pushes you hard but that’s what I want and if I want to get you goals personal training is an option.

You need the self motivation to attend, when you attend Chris will motivate you, then you may throw up but it won’t kill you.