One size does not fit all…

I have seen many articles pop up recently where personal trainers are claiming “this is how everyone should be training to get fit” however through my experience if you want to succeed in getting fitter and into better shape you have to realise that there is more than one way of doing so.
There are plenty of trainers out there who are massive advocates of HIIT training, for example The Body Coach; Joe Wickes. However there are many trainers out there who believe HIIT training is the worst thing you can do for your body! The question is, who is right? In my opinion they are both right. There are so many ways to get fit and just because you see a trainer or maybe a celebrity online using a specific workout plan to get fit, that doesn’t guarantee it will also work for you. You might have a friend who has been raving about how they have started going to bootcamps, running in the mud and rain and although that may work for them it isn’t guaranteed to work for you. From my experience I would suggest a new fitness plan should be approached similar to that of a tailored suit. One size does not fit all, and what fits you may not fit somebody else.
My solution would be find a form of exercise you enjoy and therefore you are more likely to stick to. Find exercise that doesn’t harm you, for example don’t start up running if you have a history of dodgy knees. And finally make sure you can fit it into your routine, for example if you don’t have much free time each week perhaps HIIT training may work for you as it is short and effective.
If you continue to struggle to find an exercise plan that suits you and gets you the results you want, I would highly recommend hiring a Personal Trainer, even if this is just for 2-3 sessions so they can develop a plan that has been especially personalised for you.

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