Post Lockdown Fitness

I remember when I was first starting to get back in to my fitness routine after lockdown. For some reason, it was SO HARD for me to get going.

I had so many false starts. But then I realized… I needed to start SLOWER, and start with the easiest possible thing. Sometimes we make getting started SO COMPLICATED that we make it even harder on ourselves.

I made it easier for myself by doing a few things before each workout.

  1. Plan – write down the session before getting to the gym
  2. Reduce the weight – take a step back from the weights I was previously lifting and try something a little lighter.
  3. Allow time to rest – I slowly built up my training frequency as the weeks went by.

What worked for me was doing these 3 actions before every session, until it became a habit and I actually started to look forward to it! If I can do it, you absolutely can.

If you’ve struggled to get back in to your fitness routine after lockdown, why not reply to this blog below or contact us now and see how we can help you kick start your journey!

What’s one thing you’re struggling to get started with right now?

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