Routine and Consistency Are Key


To overcome your weak mentality, your lack of willpower or your ‘I don’t have the time excuses’… You must work out a routine that works for you.

Whether its heading to bed at 10pm to wake up at 5:30am to hit the gym for 6:30am or preparing your own lunch so you have time to fit in a midday class or it could be investing in a personal training after work to push you towards your goals. Having a routine that is realistic to your schedule and lifestyle is a must if you want to succeed in your fitness, health and appearance. 

It may be a ‘new year, new me’ thing or you may want to start now! Whatever works for you make sure you are able to be consistent. This time next year you’ll look back on what a change it has made to your health, energy levels and appearance. The small schedule/lifestyle change could or should make all the difference.

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