Should you enter the London Marathon?

After the once again amazing London marathon I received a number of messages from clients, friends and family asking me whether they should enter the London marathon for next year. This is a question I am asked year on year so I thought I would write an article to highlight what is required for you to complete this amazing but tough challenge.

To start with, if you are a complete non-runner then you should really be starting your training now. A year may seem like a long time to train for the marathon, but you need to consider that you may encounter injuries or illness, and there will be times where you simply cannot fit running into your schedule due to other commitments. It is important to give yourself enough time to train, considering the hurdles you most likely will encounter. So if you are serious about wanting to complete the marathon then you need to start training now!

If you can already run 2 miles then you are already way ahead of many others – 90% of people don’t start training for the marathon until January and 50% of these pull out due to injury or simply being unable to cope with the demand of running  often because they have attempted too much too soon. So again I reiterate, if you are serious about successfully completing the marathon start training now!

Running the London marathon takes a lot more effort than it may sometimes seem. Everyone claims to know someone who ran the marathon with just 2 weeks training and they even went out for a curry the night before! Let me tell you – this person most likely does not exist! If they did manage something similar they are likely to be a seasoned runner or a running genetic god.
For those of you who want to commit and are serious about completing the London marathon, you need to start your training now and this is what you need to do;

• Have a plan – short term and long term
• Don’t overdo it too early – this avoids sustaining an injury or burning yourself out
• Train with a friend – this is a great way to stay motivated
• Be consistent- don’t give up at the first hurdle. It’s going to hurt both mentally and physically but that is why it is so rewarding when you complete it!

I am not trying to put anyone off running the marathon, but I need to be honest so that people do not set themselves up to fail. If you currently find it hard to stick to training just once a week then you may as well forget it, your commitment needs to be a lot more than this!
Running is hard, but running a marathon is brutal and completely unforgiving. if you don’t train properly and take it seriously then you are setting yourself up for failure and injury. Please bear this in mind when entering. It is going to be tough, sometimes lonely and a lot of the time it will be mentally draining BUT if you pass these hurdles it will be one of the biggest and best achievements of your life.

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