Success Always Starts With Failure

January can be a very tough month. People are full of colds, work gets extremely busy and the dark and cold mornings/evenings can massively contribute to someone’s lack of motivation.

So, starting a new year’s resolution in January (probably the second hardest month to start after December) sounds crazy however according to statistics 67% of people set themselves resolutions in January. Out of the 67% 85% of people set resolutions relating to health and fitness.

Sadly, by now 92% of people have given up on their new year’s resolutions due to a setback at some point. Every year I see people fail but also try to help as many people succeed as possible and the ones that succeed are the ones who only see their ‘Failures’ as a minor setback. They learn from their failures, reset themselves then go at it again not letting their minor setback ruin their enthusiasm to succeed. If you think about it there are many times in life when we fail before we succeed. A great example of this is learning to walk. Can you imagine how many times a child falls over before succeeding to walk… However, everyone eventually learns how to walk and if you can apply this to your new year’s resolutions or goals then you too can make a success of them.

Ideally the idea of a new year’s resolution should be to change your lifestyle long term and this shouldn’t be a short-term fix and if you are realistic about this you are going to fail at least a handful of times before changing a long-term habit or creating a new one.

So, if you have recently given up on a new year’s resolution or a health and fitness goal, look at why you failed, try learn from it and give it another go and who knows maybe by 2019 you will have completed all of your goals and will be ready to set yourself some new ones rather than the same one’s year after year!

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