The Show Must Go On!


Are you finding it hard to workout from? Running out of ideas on how to keep fit during lockdown? That’s where we come in.

Join us for continued coaching and support through our online 1-1 personal training sessions via Zoom call. Your fitness and health journeys mean the most to us at CD Fitness. We are still able to help you from the comfort of your own home. Even if you don’t own any gym equipment we are still able to provide you with the very best workouts based around your goals.

On top of this we are running 10+ live online fitness classes per week. Continuously switching it up with HIIT, circuit, flexibility, yoga and much more. Join us now and get unlimited classes for £30 until the end of may. For more infomation on 1-1 sessions or our fitness classes drop us a message using the email below!

Remember, during these difficult times, you’re not alone!

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