Dominika Prekstová

Dominika Prekstová

Personal Trainer


An active childhood in the countryside laid the foundation for health and fitness, Dominika’s biggest passion.  Struggling with anxiety during her early 20’s, she devoted her time to researching her symptoms and developing coping mechanisms, focused on eating and exercising well, to build a healthy relationship with her body, and this really comes across in the approach she takes to helping clients achieve their goals.

Dominika’s tried and tested techniques focus on every aspect of her client’s well-being, she doesn’t believe in the one-size fits all approach, and instead constantly brings fresh ideas and guides clients on a journey to a sustainably healthier and fitter lifestyle.


  • Advanced Level 3 in Personal Training
  • A Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition
  • YMCA Certificate in High intensity training
  • Diet specialist Nutrition course
  • Advanced sports and exercise nutritional advisor
  • Weight loss for Females
  • Stress management


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