Wendy Rushin


I started Personal Training with Chris once a week at his studio in Bagshot in February 2012. Previous to that I had been a member of a gym but not attended for at least 4 months. I had lost motivation, put weight on after Christmas and at 42 years old knew it would only get worse.

I needed a good kick-start!

My weight when I started training was between 10st and 10st 3lbs and I was a size 10 -12 and 5ft 5inches tall.

The sessions were very hard at first but I love the short bursts of exercises and do not have the chance to get bored. Gradually I found I was able to do more and Chris worked me harder.

I also joined Chris’ running club, which meets every Monday and Friday. My husband is a runner and had always encouraged me to run but I had only done it a couple of times on my own and found it boring and monotonous. However, Chris’ running club is fun, full of laughter and all based on interval training.
We have gradually worked up to 5 miles, which I would never have achieved on my own. New members can always join as Chris will just adapt the circuit to the ability of the runners.

8 months later my weight is level at 9st 3lbs, I am down to a size 8-10, feel so much more toned and have so much more energy.
Chris is motivational, encouraging and sets challenges for me that I would never even consider setting let alone achieving. Thanks so much, Chris.