What’s best for fat loss? Cardio or Resistance training?

There is lots of contradicting information out there regarding what training is best for fat loss.

A lot of people believe cardio is best for fat loss and even your Fitbit tells you that an hour of cardio burns more than an hour of resistance training. This is true, if you did an hour worth of cardio such as running, cycling, rowing, fast walking etc. you would burn more calories than an hour of resistance training. However when you have finished your cardio, your metabolism (calorie burning) returns back to the resting rate (where it was before you started). Whereas when you do resistance training your metabolism can stay higher than your normal resting rate for up to 48 hours therefore you burn more calories during this time than usual.

So to summarize if you compared cardio to resistance training over an hours training session then yes cardio would burn more calories but if you compared it over 48 hours (from the moment you started your training session) then resistance training would burn more calories and help you lose fat faster!

Also did you know by gaining 3lbs of muscle you can burn an extra 120 calories everyday without even moving!

I’m not saying you should be doing just resistance training. However what I am saying is that just doing cardio to lose fat would be a mistake. The best approach to any training plan for fat loss is to mix up what you are doing. Use cardio to burn a high number of calories in a short period of time (interval & HIIT training) and use resistance training (weight training, kettlebells etc) to help burn more calories when at rest and gain muscle. This is the best combination to get maximal results.

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