Why September is the best month to start a new fitness plan…

The majority of people see January as the best time to start a new fitness plan, however did you know 66% of people quit their new year plan within one month! Any new fitness plan is hard to stick to but in my opinion January isn’t the best time to be trying to get into shape. I have been Personal Training now for 7 years and for me the people who have the most success are the ones that start in September. And I believe these are the main reasons:

  1. The weather is still pretty good. In September we still get warm, sunny days which help to keep us feeling energetic and also means we can still exercise outside and be generally more active by spending time outdoors.
  2. Not so many distractions. After having a very social summer with holidays, weddings, BBQs etc, the majority of people don’t have as many social events until December when the Christmas parties and events begin. So September is a great time to get focused and really go for your health and fitness goals.
  3. Everyone is back into routine. After the summer holidays everyone is back to work and back into their routines and having a routine makes it easier for people to schedule fitness into their diaries.
  4. 16 weeks till Christmas. When starting a new fitness regime, you should always have a goal date in mind and Christmas is great for that. Most people will use Christmas as a motivator and stick to their diets and exercise right up until then. Use Christmas as a reward for being so good during September, October, November and December.
  5. A better January. If you start now you will get into good habits, following a healthier diet and a more active lifestyle whilst the weather is good and the days are still light, with far less distractions. This means when January comes, you will have already set yourself a solid foundation to push on from.

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