Why you’ve stopped losing weight…

So many of my clients fall into reason 1:
Their weight doesn’t change much because they gain muscle (which weighs more than fat) and lose fat. This makes them much slimmer yet the scales do not change. The scales can be demotivating for them at this point, so this would be why the scales aren’t a good indicator of fat loss. If you have lost size then why worry about the weight? And after all the heavier you are the more calories you burn at rest! So it is easier to stay slim long term!

Reason 2: This happens quite often when someone is eating healthy and training hard and then they have a treat meal like a takeaway pizza, suddenly they are 4lbs heavier. Panic then sets in and they give up on their healthy eating. It is impossible to gain 4lbs In a day unless you have eaten 14,000 calories over your daily limit. The high carb and fat content of the pizza is just making you hold water.

Reason 3 : At the beginning you were making great progress and now things have slowed down. Yes if you are 20 stone it is easier to lose weight than if you are 10 stone as your body burns more calories at 20 stone. However if you have found you have hit a wall with weight loss/fat loss you may have let old habits slip back into your diet and maybe you are eating too much calories. A few changes to your diet could bring you back into a calorie deficit.

3 top tips

1 : Don’t use the scales to track progress, I do use the scales with some clients but I also use measurements, how they feel and I ask them to use their clothes feel as a way to track progress. Using all 4 of these gives me more of an idea of how things are progressing.

2: If you are struggling to lose any weight/fat download MyFitnessPal on your phone and spend a few days tracking your calories. I’m not saying do this forever but it should give you a good idea on how many calories you hit each day, also it will educate you on what foods contain more calories, fat, sugar, protein etc than others.

3: Try to add as much activity into your day as possible. Due to time restrictions you might not be able to add any more exercise time to your weekly schedule however more than likely you can add more activity to your day to day life. You could take the stairs rather than the lift, park your car further away from your office and walk, stand up when you are making phone calls etc. Try to think all this time ‘how can I be more active?’.

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