Would You Pay £5000 For A Six Pack?

A client of mine made me aware of this article yesterday… whilst it is amazing what these 3 women have achieved there is a few points I would like to make.

First of all they have made it sound very easy. Pay £5,000 and get a six pack. However it isn’t as easy as that. These 3 women would of been 100% obsessed with their exercise and diet for the 8-12 weeks they followed this program. That would mean being in the gym 4 times a week minimum which for some is doable but on top of this they wouldn’t of touched a drop of alcohol, no processed foods, no eating out, not much fun at all. This is much harder than people think, it isn’t as easy as paying £5,000 for a 6 pack. It takes 24/7 dedication and discipline, not treating yourself on your birthday, not enjoying a night out with friends etc it takes a lot of sacrifices.

On top of this what they have achieved is no way sustainable or healthy. Women are suppose to have a higher level of body fat% so to try and maintain these low levels can be quite dangerous. And these images do set an unrealistic goal for many women who think this is how they should look.

I know people that are in unbelievable shape but they aren’t happy, they can’t enjoy a meal out with friends because it might mean they lose their incredibly lean physique . This is no way to live. The key for anyone to make a healthy lifestyle sustainable, enjoy it and reap all the rewards is to live a life in moderation. Exercise, eat healthy but have a weekly treat, enjoy a glass of wine just don’t go over the top. If you want to lose a few lbs then you need to lower your alcohol intake and eat less processed foods over a period of time with consistency and patience. To try and achieve a super lean body in just 8 weeks is going to most likely make you very depressed, energy less and make you give up and be in a worse situation than you were in the first place.

Be healthy, be happy but don’t be obsessive!

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