Anne & Lily


Prior to working with Chris, my exercise routine was very sporadic and my fitness levels were pretty low. Chris has helped me achieve much higher levels of

fitness which in turn has helped me feel better, physically and mentally. I can now squat down and get up without huffing and puffing! Result!

Every session is fun and different (but always challenging)and I always leave feeling better than when I arrived. I absolutely recommend Chris and CD Fitness to anyone who wants to get fit and begin a healthier lifestyle.


I started coming along to sessions with my Mum because I needed to change bad habits and start taking my fitness seriously. I was immedi

ately put through my paces with Chris and introduced to workouts that really pushed me and tested my strength. I have been able to use the exercises that Chris has shown us when I go to the local gym which has been so useful to me as I was in need of structure.

Knowing what exercises to do and which machines to do them with means I am confident in braving the gym alone. I really recommend Chris and CD Fitness to anyone who needs to kick themselves into gear, get fit and have a laugh while doing it!

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