Matt Vlatas

Personal Trainer

Matt joined CD Fitness as an apprentice in 2017. Since then he has earned himself a number of highly recognised qualifications and has delivered over 5000 personal training sessions. His passion and enthusiasm for fitness is contagious and his clients love his approach in helping them get to their goals.

Outside of the gym, Matt has been a very competitive swimmer. In 2016 he finished 5th in the UK national 50m breaststroke with a time of 31.56 seconds. On top of this Matt enjoys playing a variety of sports including running, cycling and golf.

Matt has an excellent amount of exercise knowledge and he enjoys mixing up his training sessions so he can offer his clients as much variety as possible.


Number of sessions Special Offer Price
10 × 1 hour training sessions Get 2 extra sessions free (12 in total) £588
4 × 1 hour training sessions Get 1 extra session free (5 in total) £267.50
1 × 1 hour training session £80

"I travel from bournemouth every Wednesday to see Matt. I love training with him and wouldn’t go anywhere else. He has helped me to lose weight and improve my fitness levels."

Gus James

"Chris and Matt get to know their clients very well. and each training session is varied, challenging and appropriate to the goals of the individual"

Kathryn Adams

"Matt has helped me to build my strength which has really improved my running and has enabled me to run 100km per month"

Pretti Stanley

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