Chris dean

Personal Trainer

A former full time footballer, Chris has a unique insight into what it takes to achieve goals and maintain motivation.

Qualifying as a personal trainer at the age of 19, he crafted his art at one of the UK’s leading health clubs. But in 2012, at just 21, he took the leap and embarked on the dream of opening his own personal training studio – CD Fitness was born.

Chris is focused 100% on delivering the best possible experience for every CD Fitness client. He doesn’t simply go through the motions and count reps, but takes a whole body approach, with realistic goal setting, continuous step changes, and programmes that are always unique and designed with the client in mind.

His clients immediately see and feel the benefits, and with his 24/7 support they get the results they are looking for – real body and lifestyle transformations.

Why train with Chris

Hear what Hugh has to say about his fitness journey working with CD Fitness and Chris.


Number of sessions Special Offer Price
10 × 1 hour training sessions Get 2 extra sessions free (12 in total) £588
4 × 1 hour training sessions Get 1 extra session free (5 in total) £267.50
1 × 1 hour training session £80

"Now in my early 40s, I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been since training with Chris and the team"

Samantha McLaughlin

"Chris and Matt get to know their clients very well. and each training session is varied, challenging and appropriate to the goals of the individual"

Kathryn Adams

"In 2017 I managed to complete the 3 peaks challenge and I wouldn’t of been able to do this without my sessions with Chris."

Hugh Vlatas

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