Lucy Passfield

Lucy started training with Chris before starting University. She wanted to increase her fitness levels and lose some body fat before starting.

Since then Lucy has managed to lose over 3 stone and increase her fitness levels dramatically… read more

Anne and Lily

Prior to working with Chris my exercise routine was very sporadic and my fitness levels were pretty low. Chris has helped me achieve much higher levels of fitness which in turn has helped me feel better, physically and mentally. I can now squat down and get up without huffing and puffing! Result!… read more

Samantha Mclaughlin

In my 20s and 30s I had always struggled with my weight and gradual increases over the years had seen my weight peak at a size 18/20.  I’d tried joining gyms but it was always the same, I never knew what to do when I got there and soon cancelled the membership. Fitness classes were the same, I would start full of enthusiasm to do something but nothing would change and I’d gradually stop going… read more

Maddie Delboy

I approached CD Fitness on Instagram in October of 2018 after driving past the gym every day on my way to work. I had lost about 3/3.5 stone with Slimming World in the 12 months prior and I was looking for that extra ‘boost’. I didn’t really do much exercise alongside Slimming World and I found the idea of entering a gym with no idea what to do very daunting… read more

Kathryn Adams

I have always been keen to keep fit and this has previously involved running and a few half marathons. My training was purely cardio focused. Five years ago, I was introduced to Chris through a colleague Carlos and since then we have regularly trained together… read more

Liz McDermott

Liz Flynn (now McDermott) lost over 1 stone for her big day! With a mixture of resistance/cardio training  and an improvement in her diet led to her looking amazing for her wedding day… read more

Mandy Dicksee

Before I came to see Chris I wasn’t able to do as much training as I wanted to, because I had a small child and I was a single parent working full time… read more

Hugh Vlatas

I was introduced to CD Fitness by my wife Adriana who recommended Chris for a year prior to me plucking up courage to start training, I was so overweight and unfit that It was hard for me to know where to start but Chris put me immediately at ease… read more

Sarah Bond

I started training with Chris after a trial session and in 5 months Chris helped totally transform my body. I have been with other trainers in the past and never been inspired to lose weight and get fit until I met Chris. He offered me 24/7 support on top of training me 3 times a week to help me lose over 3 stone. Sessions are always different; they can be… read more

Anthony Austin

I have been weight training for about 16 years and have always concentrated on increasing muscle size and getting bigger, having a serious dislike of cardio I was slowly gaining weight and earlier this year weighed in at 16st 4lb which at 5ft 9” indicated a BMI of over 30 and body fat of 20% plus! … read more

Koersten Walters

My weight has yo-yoed over the years and last summer decided that the time had come to start to get fit and lose some weight. My husband Gary and I joined the gym and I was keen to make a difference and worked out regularly. It is fair to say that in 6 months, very little change for me and by Christmas, I was only 8lbs off my full term pregnancy weight!!… read more

Andrea and Felicity Pavoni

I started training with Chris in January 2014 in the hope to shed those extra unwanted pounds in time for my wedding in July 2014.

Having come from a fitness background, I was slightly ashamed and embarrassed in allowing myself to being so out of shape. I wanted to be pushed and challenged by someone who understood the importance… read more

Daniel Ball – Professional Golfer

When I turned Professional in 2014 I had a goal to continue to increase my levels of strength & fitness and improve my concentration. All of which would enable me to improve my game and lower the risk of injury. Having discussed this with Chris we were able to put a program in place to train… read more

Rebecca Ward

I started training with Chris six months after having my second child as I was battling to get down to my pre children weight.

Chris provided a fantastic exercise programme to support my goal and also provided great nutritional advice. I went from being able to run for less than… read more

Becky Knight

My weight has increased over the years- with the help of Weight Watchers, I managed to lose a stone last year but noticed that I wasn’t shifting any more weight or toning my body up either even though I was exercising regularly.
I had become more frustrated that nothing was happening, whilst driving home from work… read more

Wendy Rushin

I started Personal Training with Chris once a week at his studio in Bagshot. Previous to that I had been a member of a gym but not attended for at least 4 months. I had lost motivation, put weight on after Christmas and at 42 years old knew it would only get worse… read more

Matthew Lovesy

I have always been a big lump who has the flexibility of a house brick, I have played rugby for over 20 years and my weight has done the usual yo-yoing like most people. I had never really considered personal training as I thought I could do it myself… read more

Charlotte Lomas

Since retiring from lacrosse and having 2 children, in the past 18 months Chris has helped me regain my fitness and achieve my goals of competing in triathlons and short distance runs… read more

Dr Carl Waldmann

I met Chris Dean when feeling in bad shape following a large shoulder operation; didn’t think I could do anything to keep fit but he inspired me with a specially tailored exercise program. Within 6 weeks I was playing tennis, swimming, within 3 months went skiing and within 6 months ran the Reading half marathon in 2 hours… read more

Julian Davis (Jules)

I started having weekly personal training with Chris Dean and have achieved what I consider to be phenomenal results under his guidance in a relatively short space of time. Below are some of my stats.

Age 43 now feel like 23… read more

Stephanie Huck

I have been having weekly PT’s with Chris for over a year now & while I didn’t want or need to lose much weight, I’ve seen a massive improvement in my fitness & stamina, plus my overall body looks better from definition & toning.

Chris has always motivated me and he gives me something to aim for… read more

Gemma Graham

Chris has been an amazing support to me over the last 18 months. I came to him with the goal of losing weight (I had at least 120 pounds to lose) and getting healthy and he helped me to achieve that and so much more.

His approach gave me the motivation to stick to my goals and keep doing more without making me feel… read more

Jenny Austin

I have been going to the gym on a regular basis for 12 years and got stuck in a routine of doing the same thing every time I trained. I decided to have some personal training sessions with Chris in the months running up to my wedding with the hope of loosing a few pounds and generally toning up for the big day and honeymoon… read more

Colin Jamieson

Before using personal training I had successfully shed a significant amount of excess weight and achieved a level of fitness that was not too bad. But I wanted to lose just a few more kilos, be fitter still and improve stamina. My energy levels were very low. I wouldn’t run fast for more than a minute or last more than 20 minutes at the gym… read more

Sarah Bye

I’ve trained with Chris for the last 2 years and can honestly say that he has completely changed the way I exercise. He will get you doing things you would never dream of pushing yourself to do on your own but once you know what you can do you can easily incorporate his exercises when you train without him… read more