Pretti Stanley

I have been training with CD Fitness for 7 years and I thoroughly recommend them. They are all fantastic trainers and have always supported me achieve my goals. I have taken part in their ‘6-week fat loss’ programme and lost weight, toned up and learnt a lot about eating the right foods.

I’ve trained with Matt for the past 5 years and my strength progressions have been incredible. Despite a shoulder injury in 2020/2021, Matt found a way to work around it and build strength in other areas.

Training with CD Fitness, both with Matt (weekly) and their online classes I managed to run 100km per month for the whole of 2021. The combination of pilates and stretch classes and my regular PT sessions with Matt really helped to keep me injury free and running to the end of the year!

They are all also the nicest people ever… thank you to the CD Fitness Team.

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