Group Training

When you accomplish something on your own it’s amazing, but training with friends, or as part of a group, is a fantastic way to stay motivated and make personal training more affordable.

We offer a fun and friendly environment for you to train with friends, or make new ones with similar fitness levels and goals. Our group sessions for 2-5 people mix it up, and focus on helping clients achieve goals, challenge expectations, conquer inhibitions, build bonds with likeminded people, and grow their support network, by incorporating:

  • Guided training
  • HIIT sessions
  • Circuits
  • Boxing
  • …and more
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personal training indoor bike


Number of people 12 sessions 5 sessions 1 session
2 £660 £300 £80
3 £720 £325 £90
4 £840 £375 £100
5 £960 £425 £110

Number of people Price
2 12 sessions: £660
5 sessions: £300
1 session: £80
3 12 sessions: £720
5 sessions: £325
1 session: £90
4 12 sessions: £840
5 sessions: £375
1 session: £100
5 12 sessions: £960
5 sessions: £425
1 session: £110

Training sessions are priced depending on how many people take part in the sessions

"Now in my early 40s, I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been since training with Chris and the team"

Samantha McLaughlin

"Chris and Matt get to know their clients very well. and each training session is varied, challenging and appropriate to the goals of the individual"

Kathryn Adams

"In 2017 I managed to complete the 3 peaks challenge and I wouldn’t of been able to do this without my sessions with Chris."

Hugh Vlatas

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personal training indoor bike

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