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Our aim is to bring focus, accountability, and structure to your health and fitness goals. No matter whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro.

Your job is to focus on taking action each day and communicate about any challenges.

Our job is to meet you where you are, make any necessary adjustments, and continue customising your perfect plan over time.

As we strive for our own version of perfect, one of the hardest considerations is mastering the push and pull: the balance of hitting your goals and keeping up with life.ย 

Knowing when to scale up and push yourself, when to stay the course, and when to give yourself permission to dial down is the secret sauce to lasting change.

With a Coach, that guesswork no longer has to take up space in your brain.ย 

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online personal training
personal training indoor bike

What you’ll gain

"All the CD Fitness trainers are super! They work with you to help decide your goals and focus and encourage you all the way."

"The support from CD Fitness is broader than just getting fit - they cover your nutrition, wellbeing and help to create healthy habits for your lifestyle. All with a positive and friendly relationship throughout."

"Through online coaching with CD Fitness I have a tailored programme for both workouts & nutrition plus accountability from regular check ins with the CD Team! It is more than just fitness for me now, I would highly recommend this to anyone!"

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