Hugh Vlatas

A massive well done to Hugh Vlatas who this year managed to complete the 3 peaks challenge! On top of this Hugh has managed to lose weight and increase his fitness levels massively. Well done Hugh!

I was introduced to CD Fitness by my wife Adriana who recommended Chris for a year prior to me plucking up the courage to start training, I was so overweight and unfit that It was hard for me to know where to start but Chris put me immediately at ease.

Before I started training with Chris I was mainly swimming however this became very boring and repetitive. I never thought I would be able to train in the gym due to a history of back issues. Chris has tailored my training sessions to my goals/injuries and has even helped reduce my back pain.

Training with Chris has helped me with continuity of training and I have never in 40+ years kept up with training as regularly as I have over the last 3/4 years. I am losing weight steadily, still a way to go but fired up to do so with lifestyle changes, not just diet.

In 2017 I managed to complete the 3 peaks challenge and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without my sessions with Chris. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get fit, lose weight and improve their lifestyle.

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