3 STEP EXCUSE BUSTER to help you reach your goals

Has this ever happened to you before?

You’re planning to work out after work … but right when it’s time to leave, you start to think:

  • You’re too tired
  • The weather is too cold/hot/nice/rainy
  • You’re hungry
  • You have too much to do
  • You’re stressed
  • You’re not sure what workout to do
  • You really just want to watch something on Netflix
  • etc.

And you’re tempted to give in and bag your workout.

I get it!

By the end of the day, a workout can seem like a LOT of effort in your head.

BUT before you let any of those excuses derail your goals, try this instead:

Excuse Buster #1: Take back your power from the voice in your head.

Acknowledge that YOU control your actions – not your fleeting thoughts or whims.

The choices you make and the actions you take TODAY play a direct role in your TOMORROWS … moving you closer or further away.

This is a very empowering mindset shift for any area of your life.

Excuse Buster #2: Ask yourself: what’s REALLY driving your excuses?

It’s probably not because you’re tired/cold/hot/bored/confused/busy …

… but because of “stinking thinking” (aka limiting beliefs). 

Some examples: You think that it’s too hard for you … that you’ll feel awkward
… that you’ll somehow fail (again) … that you won’t get the results you want … or that deep down you’re not the type of person who works out.

TIP: As soon as you recognize the stinking thinking, call it out.

Remember Excuse Buster #1 – you are in control. Don’t let negative thoughts or beliefs get in the way of what you want!

Excuse Buster #3: Get support! Having someone to hold you accountable and who supports your goals can make all the difference.

That way, when you feel your excuses threatening to take over, you have someone to help you keep on track.

Find a workout buddy, tell your friends or family about your goals, or work with an experienced coach.

Remember: you are stronger than your excuses!

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