Archives: Testimonials

Kathryn Adams

Chris and Matt get to know their clients very well and ensure each training session is varied, challenging and appropriate to the goals of the individual. They are both extremely encouraging, engaging and focused on positivity and motivation .

Anne and Lily

Prior to working with Chris my exercise routine was very sporadic and my fitness levels were pretty low. Chris has helped me achieve much higher levels of fitness which in turn has helped me feel better, physically and mentally. I can now squat down and get up without huffing and puffing! Result!

Samantha McLaughlin

When I started training with Chris I had always thought that exercise was something “other people” did. I didn’t think I would ever be able to be fit, that it would be something I would be able to do, let alone enjoy.

Maddie Delboy

I didn’t really do much exercise alongside Slimming World and I found the idea of entering a gym with no idea what to do very daunting… How times have changed! I have been training with Dominika at CD Fitness since then, and aim for two sessions a week and could not be happier of that decision.

Liz McDermott

Congratulations to Liz McDermott who managed to lose over a stone and get into great shape for her big day!  

Hugh Vlatas

I was introduced to CD Fitness by my wife Adriana who recommended Chris for a year prior to me plucking up courage to start training, I was so overweight and unfit that It was hard for me to know where to start but Chris put me immediately at ease.  

Mandy Dicksee

Before I came to see Chris I wasn’t able to do as much training as I wanted to, because I had a small child and I was a single parent working full time.

Sarah Bye

He can give you great advise on diet and sets challenging but realistic goals to help you achieve the results you aspire to whether it be weight loss, changing your body shape or training for a specific event.

Colin Jamieson

I recently started training with Chris at his own studio. It is well equipped. Well thought out and enables him to give me as good a workout as he could at the large, premium health club we trained in before.

Jenny Austin

During personal training I use muscles that I have never exercised before and have toned up, improved my fitness and core strength.